Functional Soy Ingredients

Our Defatted Soy flours (available in low PDI and high PDI) and Soy flakes branded under the name “Sofarine” are manufactured at our own Protein site in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On this site, we produce both GMO as Non-GMO (certified according E.U. regulations) on fully dedicated production lines.

Defatted Soy flours have a protein content of 50% and are available in different mesh sizes, like 100 mesh (149 micron) or 200 mesh (74 micron)

  • Toasted Soy flour (20 PDI) is enzyme-inactive and debiterd due to the Toasting step, meaning that it does not have the typical beany flavour
  • Untoasted Soy flour (90 PDI) is enzyme-active, but still have this beany flavour and depending on the application, you may have to mask this flavour unless you have a heating step in the production step

Defatted Soy flours are commonly used in Feed, Food and Pharma applications.

Besides, we also have the following products is our product portfolio, which we trade in accordance with well-selected suppliers:

  • Non-GMO Soy-concentrates and Soy-isolates
  • Non-GMO Textured Vegetable Proteins