Functional Soy Ingredients

BIC Protein’s defatted soy flours (available in low & high PDI) and soy flakes branded as Sofarine are manufactured at our protein production site in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Both GMO as Non-GMO (certified according E.U. regulations) are produced on dedicated production lines.

Defatted soy flakes have a protein content of >50% and when grinded, available in different mesh sizes, like 100 mesh (149 micron), 200 mesh (74 micron) or other mesh sizes on request.

  • Toasted soy flour (20 PDI) is enzyme-inactive and due to the toasting step, the bitterness has been removed meaning, it does not has the typical beany flavour
  • Untoasted soy flour (90 PDI) is enzyme-active, but still has this beany flavour and depending on the application, you may have to mask this flavour unless you have a heat treatment in your production process
  • BIC Protein’s soy flours are mainly used as an ingredient within the food-, feed-, fermentation and pharma industry

Besides, we also have the following products in our product portfolio, which we trade in accordance with well-selected suppliers:

  • Non-GMO soy protein concentrates >65% and soy protein isolates >90%
  • Non-GMO Textured Vegetable Proteins