Extruding is the process of a mechanical cooking step whereby product is pressed out of a mall under high pressure. Product therefore expands and becomes porous. Due to porosity, the product can absorb twice to trice times its own weight of water, which is interesting from an economics point of view. Textured products have many applications particularly in meat products as a meat extender, but also as a meat replacer in vegetarian products.

Textured Products increases the juiciness and yield of the meat and meat analogue products while maintaining high quality. In its hydrated form, Textured Products can be used in many formulations to replace a substantial portion of the raw meat.

Textured Products is widely used in vegetarian dishes and prepared vegetarian foods such as dumplings, ravioli, lasagne, patties and sausages

In cereals and confectionary bar applications, Textured Products adds a crunchy appeal while also boosting protein levels

In our product portfolio, we have the Textured Products (Flakes, Granules and Chunks) based on:

  • Soy flour,
  • Soy concentrate,
  • FABA concentrate
  • PEA Concentrate

Blended extrusion is possible on request